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Philip Antino is a leading expert and published author on The Party Wall etc. act 1996 and Neighbourly matters.

Are you concerned that your neighbour is undertaking building works and have they 

  1. Refused or failed to serve Party wall notices
  2. Trespassed onto your land
  3. Caused damage to your land 
  4. Interfered with your quiet enjoyment of your land 

It is imperative that you receive  the appropriate advice with regards to your property rights, sitting back and doing nothing is not an appropriate strategy. Your property rights when violated could have both immediate and long term implications. If so contact Contact Philip Antino  for advice on compliance with

  1. The Party Wall etc. act 1996
  2. Your statutory rights under the The Party Wall etc. act 1996
  3. If a building Owner has not served notice under the Act you might be entitled to injunctive relief
  4. We will investigate the works undertaken and prepare a report for your legal team
  5. We can refer you to expert legal advice

We have extensive contacts throughout the UK with solicitors and barristers specialising in this complex area of law. We will work closely with your legal team to ensure that your property is reinstated to its full and proper condition. 

For an informal discussion, please contact Philip Antino on 01245 492495, submit our online form or alternatively email him on


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