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Expert Witness

The Courts recognise Philip Antino's Expertise 

When there is a building dispute, irrespective of whether you're the claimant or the defendant,   you will require independent professional advice. APA's team  of leading experts  have a wide range of recognised skills and experience in litigious matters with a proven history of successful cases to our credit. However, we always maintain that our most successful cases are the ones where the opposition settle the dispute (sometimes on the steps of the court House) to avoid the costs and stress of going to Court. APA's team  of experts will prepare a Civil Procedures Compliant report (CPR) setting out your position. This report is a fundamental element of your case and will assist your legal team in giving the proper and correct legal advice.

Litigation is not for the feint-hearted, it is an extremely costly and stressful process that should be avoided at every opportunity. However when all other mediums (ADR) have been explored and failed, then going to Court with the best team possible is fundamental to ensuring a positive judgment is obtained.

APA can assist you from the receipt of the claim up to and through to the hearing.

  1. The Court may request a Single Joint Expert (SJE) or allow each party to appoint their own expert. However, the overriding duty of any expert is to assist the court and that duty overrides any obligation to the party that has engaged the expert.
  2. An experts duty is to provide an impartial report which truly reflect the experts own independent opinion and conclusions without influence by any party directly or indirectly connected with this dispute.
  3. The compilation of the report must satisfy the provisions of part 35 of the civil procedure rules specifically Rule 35.3 and 35.5.

Philip Antino has a proven track record and has demonstrated that he has the required  knowledge, training, and expertise to act as an expert witness either as a single joint expert or on behalf of the claimants and defendants, in the following areas  for both claimant and defendants either as a  single or joint expert in the following areas:

  • Professional Negligence Claims
  • Party Wall Matters
  • Defective Building Works
  • Housing Disrepair
  • Breach of Contract
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Landlord & Tenant-Private-Commercial
  • Neighbourly Matters
  • Boundary disputes
  • Trespass
  • Nuisance

Our fees for Experts reports start from £750+vat 

For an informal discussion, please contact Philip Antino on 01245 492495, submit our online form or alternatively email him on

"Mr Antino is a palpable witness, Mr Antino's explanation of the unique attributes of  the "Thompson Plan" greatly assisted the Court to understand the location and extent of the claimants boundaries. Mr Antino's expertise as a master mason persuaded the Court that the boundary "wall" was  a retaining wall wholly within the claimant's land and not as contested by the defendants the remains of a previous structure on their land "

-HH Judge Hildyard QC [2015] Best & Best  v Perkins & Dennis  Luton County Court."
“Mr Antino is an acknowledged expert in the field of party wall issues” 

– HH Judge Murfitt QC 2013.  Rusciani V Kumar & Sharma [ 2012] Chelmsford County Court
“I have known Philip for many years as a surveyor, he is a very good surveyor, as this book shows he is a very good author and this book can only advance his reputation” 

– HH Judge Philip Bartle QC 2012.



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