Heshmet Bibizadeh, Janet Bibizadeh & Ashley Bibizadeh sued for Malicious defamation

Philip Antino v Heshmet Bibizadeh’s, Janet Bibizadeh & Ashley Bibizadeh (2017) High Court Queens Bench QBD Claim No. HQ17M02658

 The Bibizadeh’s have made false, malicious and defamatory libellous written statements.  In order to protect his position Philip Antino issued a claim in the High Court (QBD) on the 26th July 2017.

The defendants had been asked to withdraw their false, malicious, defamatory and libellous statements to apologise but have chosen not to do so. 

The false and malicious allegations made by the Bibizadeh’s are vehemently refuted by Mr Antino and will be defended both in the RICS regulatory procedures and in the High Court.

On the 19th October 2015 Mr Heshmet Bibizadeh having been seen by Mr Antino to be breaching an undertaking not to do notifiable works together with his son Mr Ashley Bibizadeh threatened Mr Antino with physical violence.  When Mr Antino called the police (which is recorded on a video tape) the Bibizadeh’s ran away.

The police attended spoke to the Bibizadeh’s and they made no allegations whatsoever of Mr Antino’s behaviour which they now maliciously assert and allege occurred at that time to the police.

The police officer asked Mr Antino if he wanted to pursue the offence but decided not to (a decision he now fully regrets) Mr Antino was not prepared to be exposed to any further abuse and on the 17th December 2015 following a court order for access attended the Bibizadeh’s property with police officers in attendance.

The Bibizadeh’s having two police officers in their presence again made no reference to the malicious and false allegations that they now allege occurred on the 19th October 2015.  In fact there was no allegations made until January 2016 and those allegations do not reflect the allegations that the Bibizadeh’s have now made to the RICS.

Mr Antino fully intends to pursue the Bibizadeh’s through the courts to seek the justice and protect his name and reputation.

It is unacceptable that any person irrespective of whether they have a professional status or not are exposed to such vicious, and vile abuse when undertaking their contractual/statutory obligations.

It is clear that there is a growing tendency amongst those owners caught breaking the law to become aggressive, abusive and in some instances violent.



Posted on April 12, 2018 .