Dr. Ahmed v Mr G Moore & Mrs S Moore (2018) Court of Appeal

This is a rather bizarre if not very sad case of where Dr Ahmed having lost her case in 2012 she decided she would try again and made an application to the Court of Appeal to appeal the earlier decisions.  Some 5 years after losing and well outside the timetable for the lodging of an appeal, Dr Ahmed went off to the Court of Appeal (2017) to plead her case that there were exceptional grounds for granting an appeal.

It transpired in the documents submitted in support of the appeal that for the past 5 years she had been pursuing complaints against just about everybody she thought she could have a go at in order to try and get the money back that she lost through her inappropriate litigation.

This of course was very upsetting for Mr & Mrs Moore who thought after so many years of inactivity that the matter was now fully behind them, having been paid all of their costs that they laid out, just starting to get back on track and the distressing memories of the litigation brought about by Dr Ahmed were becoming part of a distant memory.

Mr & Mrs Moore contacted Philip Antino immediately and asked whether she could in fact do this.  Mr Antino did not believe that she could but referred them to Mr Ashley Bean of Littlestone Cowan Solicitors.  Mr Bean wrote a letter to the Court on behalf of the Mr & Mrs Moore (because Mr & Mrs Moore did not have a right of audience).  The Court rejected Dr Ahmed’s application stating that there were no extenuating grounds for the unreasonable and excessive delay in making the application to appeal.

Undeterred Dr Ahmed then made another application to appeal the decision of the Court of Appeal for refusing her grounds to appeal, and a hearing was listed for the 27th February 2018.

Mr & Mrs Moore having discussed the matter with Mr Antino who seemed quite bemused with this situation believed that Dr Ahmed really would not succeed, Mr & Mrs Moore then instructed Littlestone Cowan and Mr Richard Power of Lamb Chambers who made written submissions which again went before the Court.

Dr Ahmed’s application to appeal was dismissed and Mr & Mrs Moore’s costs ordered against her.

Posted on March 21, 2018 .