CABE "Ely" Seminar 17th July 2015

Ely Centre of Excellence: CABE Eastern Region by Ros Piggott

The 3rd lunch time technical seminar of the Ely Centre of Excellence was held at the Lighthouse Business Centre Ely on Friday the 17th of July, and presented by regional member Philip Antino of APA Property Services Ltd

Philip who is an acknowledged expert in the field of the Party Wall etc Act 1996 gave a presentation into the complex statutory requirements, and rights and obligations of property owners and appointed surveyors involved in the administration of the Party Wall etc Act. 

Philip explained that the Act is ambiguous and open to misinterpretation and that the Act can invite conflicting interpretations which in turn creates disputes and surveyor confusion.  Philip as published several papers in leading journals on the subject, is the author of two books on the subject, extensively lectures on the Act and as assisted in blowing away the cobwebs that surround the myths that exist within the world of Party Wall matters.

28 members were in attendance and who were all captivated by Philips explanation of the Act and role of appointed surveyors, and although Philip was able to answer many raised questions, throughout his presentation, this further continued well after the event had finished.

Several members have approached the regional committee for this event to be re-held, and we are in discussion with Philip to re- host this event in Norwich and Kings Lynn in 2016  

The events at the Ely centre of Excellence continue to gather member interest and members in attendance practised in various fields, and who were both complimentary and appreciative to attend this event.  Music to the ears of the regional committee, who are working very hard to ensure these quality events are available for all members to attend, and It is important to remember that these are member events, run by members for the benefit of members.

To know more about Philip Antino and APA Property services members are advised to visit

Published books available are:

A practitioners Approach and Interpretation of the Party Wall etc Act 1996

A practitioners Approach and Interpretation of Neighbourly Matters

Ros Piggott (Eastern Region Committee Member/CPD Coordinator)

Posted on July 23, 2015 .