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ADR: Alternative Dispute Resolution

Adjudication, Arbitration and Mediation make up the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures. Whilst their objective is to avoid the associated costs and stresses that are inevitable when two (or more) parties are unable to resolve there differences, by providing an alternative to litigation, they have different procedures and designed to provide speedy resolution. ADR has a proven track record and it is not uncommon for construction contracts to incorporate a mandatory procedure. The production of the "Latham Report" created a clear intention and desire by the Court's to encourage ADR as an alternative means to litigation.  Indeed, the majority of small claims should really never come before the Courts and are suited for mediation and  is a significantly quicker process.  Achieving a quick and cost efficient resolution to any dispute is always in everyone's interest and this is the fundamental essence of ADR.

APA Property Services ltd are able to provide advice and assistance with the ADR principles:

  1. Mediation
  2. Arbitration
  3. Adjudication

These dispute resolution procedures are will cover the range of property disputes that can arise.

Our fees for an initial assessment and advice on your position and which ADR procedure is suitable for your dispute start from £250+vat 

For an informal and confidential discussion, please contact Philip Antino on 01245 492495, submit our online form or alternatively email him on


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